Making the painting "The Lunch Bunch".

Below you will find videos I'm making as I try my hand at painting "The Lunch Bunch". These gentlemen met daily at Quinets restaurant here in New Martinsville and were some of our towns finest citizens. Not all are pictured here.

As I progress with the painting I will add new videos.

Don't expect this to be quality videos. I stammer, lose my place and clear my throat too much. lol

 Please don't think what you see and hear is the only (or correct) way of doing this. It's just the way it works for me. I'm sure those of you who are artists will find many mistakes in how I do a painting.

Again I do NOT try to represent myself as an artist, simply a guy that like to paint.

Please feel free to comment but remember I worked construction for many years so I'm very thin skinned. 😊

If after watching each video you might want to refresh the page so it doesn't go to other unrelated YouTube videos.

          Part 1, prepping the canvas.

                  Part 2, sketching in.             

                     Part 3  First Layer