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E. Stanley Yost



Phone: 304-771-4339

Professional info

My training in art started when I was just a five year old boy. We lived along a railroad tracks and every evening my older siblings would bring their school papers home. They were the old yellow papers with lines running across them. We had no electricity back then, only the light of a kerosene lantern and sometimes by the glow of the old coal stove. My father would draw simple designs for me to copy that he said would strengthen my future artistic abilities. He didn't live long enough to see me do one single painting. I did do a portrait of him and he sets on the steps of the painting "Lost in the Fifties - Lincoln Theater".

I don't call myself an artist, just a man that loves to paint. I have no formal training, (some may say that shows in my work). I paint in oils and acrylic. I like painting about anything. I paint commissioned portraits if I enjoy the subject matter. I've painted animals, ocean scenes, mountains and historic subjects. I'm now in the process of finishing "Lost in the Fifties - Lincoln Theater", a look back of our historic downtown theater.  I'd like to give a special thanks to my wife Connie for giving me the time away from I'm sure more meaningful work to follow my dream of pursuing art. Thank you dear wife.

Work experience

The real work for most of my life was as a Boilermaker and after 36 years I retired in 2004. My wife Connie and I started an art gallery and frame shop (Mims Gallery) in downtown New Martinsville WV but after a few years found it too much like work. I started building a sternwheel boat, the Morning Glory and after several surgeries started doing that full time when able. I now spend most of the summer on the boat and cold weather times at the easel painting. 

2010 - present
2010 - present
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