War in my land
People torn apart
Leaving us with a torn heart
Homeless and alone
No place to call home
On our own
Hand out-stretched
Mother and Father gone
Little ones not knowing what to do
Myself not much older
Lending a shoulder
War outcries!!!
Peace no where in sight...
Anger everywhere left and right
Pain...everywhere..suffering lingers
Where am I to go..what am I to do?
I search for the way....
The compass spins...
Where is the peace???
A place we gather to find food
Handed to us..with no smiles
As if to say..Why are you here?
An answer I have not
As I stand and watch
All the little souls..so lost
No smile do I see....
Only tears of "Please help me"
My hand raises to my face
To wipe the tears away
I wonder if the sound of laughter
Will be heard again.
And I think to myself
With all of this in my path
"Not all the children laugh