"It Was Our Honor"

Where would we be without our veterans?
Introducing this first in the series of 3 limited edition prints meant to honor our past and present military

and never forgetting our POW's.

 Framed and unframed, using giclée's technology scanning and printing.  

 We use acid free matt, solid oak frames and ready to hang.



A portion will be donated to Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW). Follow this link to learn more.           https://www.legion.org/


Under the Blue Skies of Freedom in our country, proud veterans can be seen standing at attention honoring our Flag. Each day those who served in both times of war and in peace perform the esteemed tradition of being part of an honor guard. They also can be seen proudly lead the Fourth of July Parade honoring our country’s birthday. A day of joy that we all can share being citizens of this great country. But perhaps the greatest roll they perform is to honor veterans who served in uniform and now have moved on from this world. The Honor Guard stands tall at attention. For some their stance is measured by the pain of age as they rise proudly at the sounds of taps being played. They all remember the trumpet is sounding one last time for a fallen veteran. In each of their faces you can see that one day they know the trumpet will sound for them. But in their hearts they each hope someday no more citizens will have to die to preserve our freedoms.  America is strong and free thanks to the untold men and women who serve our country Under the Blue Skies of Freedom.

                                                                Chuck Clegg   2019

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