"Parlor City"  & " A Parlor City Christmas"

Here you will find how to order a limited edition print of my version of downtown New Martinsville WV, as I remember it as a child growing up in the 50's and 60's.

If you are an historian of New Martinsville you will notice that I have taken the liberty of overlapping times between the 50's and 60's. I did this because any one single date would mean leaving out many of the places we all loved from both decades. 

When I started this painting, I was asked about black & white. In order to give everyone more  choices, I've had each version made into B&W. I hope you like the different versions and can find the one you like.

I also want to thank some friends who were very helpful in sharing their memories and photos.

Joe Ward, Joel Potts, Cindy Norris Webber, Chuck Clegg and Fran Caldwell just to name a few.

Thank you.

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Written by a friend.


Some artists create their works using only charcoal or simple pencil sketches. Or they may dabble in oil paints or acrylics to create a complex piece of art. But no matter the medium they choose to use, their finished work will be the concept they first created in their minds’ eye. Perhaps that image is a refined portrait of an individual who wanted to be remembered in a stately pose. Possibly, it may be a landscape where sunbathed flowers move gently in a summer breeze. Or the composition may be a street in a small Ohio River town. But for those who gaze upon the finished work, the artist hopes they will see what he hoped to capture in his creation. But sometimes as in this painting, the artist wanted those who view it to look beyond the painted surface to a moment in the viewer’s minds’ eye.

Viewing this painting some will remember the warm aroma of Spanish Peanuts that drifted out on to the cold street in front of the 5 & 10¢ store. For others, they may be able to imagine the time their parents took them into the business for a visit with the real Santa Claus. Looking down the street some may remember the magic of Blacks Drug store. At the inside counter, a young couple share a hot chocolate giggling with the feelings of first love. Outside in the cold crisp air, the sound of a bell can be heard announcing the arrival of a customer at Norris’ gas station.

For over a century the Court House clock’s hands have relentlessly moved slowly forward, minute by minute, hour by hour. Its four faces show the changing time day and night throughout the seasons. This stone sentinel remains the one unchanging presence of every new generation, who passes on the street far below.

Those who remember downtown New Martinsville from years ago may see something from their memories that others cannot see. This painting is not so much a time in our community, as it is about the memories we each share of our lost downtown.

We all at one time or another think about going back to a time when we believe life was good. And that memory may be as in this painting, a snow covered Main Street. And for just a brief moment, this image may bring back a smile and a warm feeling from a time lost in all of our yesterdays.

Chuck Clegg


Want to know how New Martinsville became known as PARLOR CITY? 

Go to the Parlor City Meaning link to the right.


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Parlor City B&W Camera shot.jpg
Parlor City Color Camera shot.jpg



A Parlor City Christmas B&W Camera shot.
A parlor City Christmas Color Camera sho
Print size is 14" X 26 1/2". With frame 23 1/2" X 35 1/2".
Each of these four prints are a limited edition run of 100 signed and numbered.
Each have been framed with solid oak Amish made frames, matted and ready to hang.
I've had to use regular glass because nonglare has become too expensive. Plexiglass will be used on any framed print that have to be shipped at an extra cost.
Prints only (picked up locally) are in a plastic sheath with foam board backing. If you need yours mailed it will be shipped in tube form.
Framed prints are $265. Special shipping for framed prints is available. Contact me for info.
Print only are $75. Plus shipping if necessary.  Depending on the address usually totals between $8 to $10

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This all started after seeing a photograph that Joe Ward posted on Facebook. (see photo below) Joe told me it was a Main Street Christmas photo taken by Roxie Fitzsimmons in the 1930's. They owned the electrical appliance business, which was out of the frame, to the right in the original photo. Just north of the old Jack & Jill shop. 

I actually painted that scene and it sold before I thought it was completely finished. I have been asked several times, since then to reproduce it, but I wanted to do something completely different and similar. After getting some photos from Joe, I decided to do what you see in these prints. My mind always goes to the old 5&10, the show building as we called it, and the lights in the winter. I first painted #2 and sent it to my scanner and printer in Florida. After receiving it back, I painted all the people and lights and sent it back to Florida again to be rescanned. After several corrections, I decided to have them both made into black and white. This is why I have four versions. I love the colored ones, but I'm more drawn to the black and white because it gives me that feeling of time gone by. I hope you like the work, but even if your not interested in the print I'd love to hear your memories of our little town of New Martinsville WV.

You can find me on Facebook at - E. Stanley Yost, Email- Estanleyyost@yahoo.com - Phone # 304-771-4339


Watch the poorly made video of how the prints were made.😀

This is the 1930's Main St. picture